We create high-end audio systems developed by the hereditary russian military electronic engineer and programmer with more than 25 years of practical experience.

Thanks to the involvement of parents, John began studying radio engineering at the age of 5 and became interested in music. He graduated from music school, never ceased to develop skills in radio engineering and programming. At the age of 12 he created his first high-quality tube amplifier using military components.

Excellent musical hearing and taste for good classical music caused a had led him to develop a theory of a “human hearing mechanism” which lies at the basis of all of his designs and which allows him to CREATE THE RIGHT SOUND. After meeting John with Alex Sav (Chief Brand Officer), it was decided to establish a company for the production of high-end systems as unique samples.

Our goal is to offer lovers of beautiful musical harmonies a high-end class systems, the sounding is perfectly, and also designed to serve its owners for many years. Our money is invested into MAKING THE SOUND, and that’s what we are in this business for.

Today, "MelodiSound" is the only company in the world that offers real high-end "class A" systems using a single-ended schemes, utilizing high quality (many military graded) expensive components. The inside of the equipment is where the handcraft and balance are most apparent in the way the components are arranged and mixed. It's . All products are sounding clean & clear, have a lifetime warranty, an individual design and shipped in heavy-duty custom-made wooden crates.

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